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Depression can be defined as a state where a patient experiences feelings of sadness, hopelessness and despair that can last for long periods. On individuals, it sometimes manifests as long periods of sadness. A notable point to remember is that depression can cause physiological imbalance to prompt any one to look for the underlying factors. In other circumstances, when one experiences life-changing events or a significant loss, may trigger depression.

The following are some of the most visible symptoms of depression in most individuals are:

• Irritability

• Long periods of sadness

• Insomnia

• Desire to sleep all the time

• Fatigue

• Feeling of anxiety, guilt or unworthiness • Abnormal decrease or increase in appetite • Difficulty in concentrating

• Crying spells

• Suicidal thoughts

As we further explain, herbal remedies for depression we need to get an idea of what treatment we need to seek. Today, we prefer herbal remedies for depression to other conventional medical treatment. Some Herbal remedies for depression can reduce the ability of certain prescription medications; tell your medical doctor about any medication or supplements you are taking. Depression may lead to a serious medical condition. It advisable to inform your doctor if you think you may have a depressive disorder. Some conditions that often accompany depression can make it hard to find remedies or help. If you can eliminate these symptoms early, it can make the situation and the consequences less life threatening. Herbal remedies for depression based on extensive study and research have made it possible for the condition to be reversible. The gradual use of various herbal remedies for depression has proven successful.

Below are some of the herbal remedies for depression that are commonly used:

• ST. JOHN'S WORT Used when a patient was diagnosed with feelings of exhaustion & tension.
• LEMON BALM Tea used on symptoms of nervousness and stomach aches. It is also used to treat nerves when the patient is anxious.
• KAVA Used for anxiety and sleeplessness.
• GINKGO mostly used for elderly people.

Some herbal remedies for depression can be used with antidepressant drugs. Alongside Herbal remedies for depression, one should take other restraints and considerations to reverse the depression effects effectively.

Some of the considerations to supplement effective treatment

•Plenty of exercise is important, (The best natural antidepressant.)
• Avoid tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol.
• Seek some counseling (Counseling can help break depressive behavior.)
• Always seek help for life-threatening cases, especially when accompanied by suicidal thoughts.